January 31, 2007

Prostitutes in Macau

The prostitutes, from China, parading outside Lisboa casino near the fruit stall and restaurant are of the best quality. They charge HK$800. Each has a room at Lisboa Hotel. Some are of model or beauty-contestant standard and provide good service.

I fucked two of them. Both are tall, fair and sexy. And they took their time. I took about 45min to 1h – bathing, foreplay, cock-sucking and playing with their bodies. I particularly liked the one who was a model – long slim legs, flat abdomen, small breast, sexy face. Beautiful women! I love beautiful women!

The prostitutes soliciting at the mall outside the casino at Holiday Inn are also from China. A few others of other nationalities sat at the tables at the verandah of the café. The China prostitutes charge HK$500 and they bring the customer to their flat in the building on the other side of the mall. I have not tried any one. They look average only.

There are two guesthouses of similar names at the end of the long road leading from Lisboa. One is on the main road, the other is in one of the side lane on the opposite side. When I entered the one on the main road, about two dozen prostitutes came and stood in front of me, each one calling me to call her. They were quite young and sexy. I called one. She brought me to a room upstairs. It was small and not too clean. The floor was damp. The furniture was old. I was worried that the towel was also not clean.

The service was only average. I could feel it that she wanted me to finish quickly. What to expect for HK$200.