December 28, 2005

Sex in Hong Kong 3

one-floor-one prostitutes

These were advertisements by Hong Kong’s prostitutes in an adult magazine. You couldn’t see the faces of most of them.

Most of them will be in a teasing negligee or in underwear when they open the door for you. Generally they are quite plain looking. The photos are deceptive. They do not reveal defects on the women’s body. I have come across one with loose breasts and dark nipples and another with unsightly folds of flesh at the stomach. There was one with an unappetizing red scar at the abdomen.

The majority come from China. I doubt they go for regular mandatory health checkup.

I have visited the following places: Hop Yee Building, Fuji Building and East South Building in Causeway Bay; Fook Kiu Mansion and Champagne Courts A & B in Tsim Sha Tsui and New Lucky House in Jordan. All are old buildings and have squeaky lifts. Most of these buildings have a caretaker sitting in a cubicle near the lift landing at the ground or first floor.

The rooms, usually lit in romantic lightings, are sparsely furnished. There is a small bathing area, a television set and sometimes a fridge. Normally they don't offer you a drink. There are towels but if you are suspicious of the towels, bring a small one yourself.

Hop Yee Building did not have a caretaker. It was the most littered of the buildings I have been to. Paper, boxes and drink containers were strewn along the staircases. On the day I visited there were even two big discarded mattresses along the staircase between two upper floors. Words and telephone numbers were scrawled on the walls near the lifts.

New Lucky House houses several guesthouses. At times you would be waiting for the lifts with a score or more people at the ground level. There are two lifts but on the day of my visit, one of them was out of order and the other lift only goes up to a certain level. A crowd was waiting, among them guests with their luggage. There would be chaos if there were a fire or a bomb explosion.

I intend to visit Mongkok, North Point and Tin Hau when I go to Hong Kong again.

December 18, 2005

Sex in Macau 3

Darling 2 in Macau is smaller than Darling 1 and has less women. But I feel it makes things easier too. Once you enter the door you see a small reception counter on your left and a few meters ahead of you is a small brightly-lit room with a one-way glass front. Inside the room were young beautiful women in sexy seductive costumes.

The models, Russians and westerners are at level 3 and they come around 7pm.

During my first visit in the late afternoon, the room was almost full of women - seated in 4 or 5 rows with a few standing behind. You see a lot of bare flesh.

Unlike in Darling1, you can see the women clearly and you are spared the embarrassment of the women looking at you while you are deciding who to choose.

I chose No 366, a Chinese national. Needless to say, service was very good. So was her skills. She also has a shapely body and beautiful firm breasts.

In the bath, she applied some lotion or foam on her body and mine and used her breasts and nipples, tights and buttocks to massage me. She spent a lot of attention on my penis – caressing, stroking, tickling, clawing, teasing… using her hands and fingers as well as her breasts.

On the bed, she sucked my penis and then I fucked her.

During my second visit I chose a 20-year-old Taiwanese model. It cost more. She has a sexy face and her body and breasts were better than 366.