January 30, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 1

This picture is from a Hong Kong Women-for-Sex website.

The prostitute I called today from a brothel in Geylang looks a bit like her. But she is darker and less beautiful. She has average-sized breasts with brown semi-erect nipples. What I liked is the way she toyed with my penis. She flicked her wet tongue over my nipples while her fingers crawled lightly over my testicles, the shaft and the head. I also liked her sliding her soft slippery tongue along the underside of the shaft and then twirling it round the rim of the penis head.

When the penis head was wet with her saliva she would use her fingers to play with it as if she polishing a door knob. I almost ejaculated.

Sexual intercourse was, in comparison, rather mundane. I felt it would have more pleasurable if I had ejaculated in her mouth. Next time perhaps.

January 10, 2005

Another China Prostitute

Picked up a 26-year-old China prostitute at Lorong 18 in Geylang and went to a hotel. I was attracted by her sexy looks and her very fair slender legs.

On the bed I hugged, kissed and fondled her legs. She is very service-oriented. This foxy woman is very experienced with men. I liked her wet tongue licking sentive parts of my body especially around my penis head and the prepuce at the underside of the head. She seemed to take great relish in teasing me and making my penis throbbing with pleasure.

After the first ejaculation, the sensation did not subside. So I continued thrusting and thrusting until a second smaller ejaculation came. Women!

January 06, 2005

Sex in Singapore

This safe-sex poster is prominently displayed in every brothel in Singapore's red-light districts. Prostitutes working 'legally' here have to go for regular health talks and check-up which includes test for the HIV virus. I think the Singapore Government is pragmatic and wise. Understanding that sex is a man's basic instinct, it knows there would be more problems if prostitution is banned. So prostitution is allowed but under strict check and control. In this way not only is the spread of STD curbed, but the number of prostitutes can be limited and related criminal activities can be controlled.

Male Singaporeans are very lucky that they can openly visit prostitutes without fear of being arrested and the possibility of getting diseases is low. Furthermore, there is a wide choice of prostitutes - from average-looking women in their thirties to model-type beautiful women or sexy young women with bleached hair, decorated finger nails and tattooes on their bodies. Then there are Thai brothels with attractive Thai women.

As for the effectiveness of the poster..... I think 99% of the men will use condoms for sexual intercourse but only 10% will use it for oral sex. A man likes the heavenly feeling of his hard naked penis in the warm mouth of a sexy woman.

January 02, 2005

My First Prostitute in 2005

My first prostitute in the new year is from China. Some of these China women start soliciting in Geylang, Singapore's famed red-light district, early in the afternoon. I saw her standing near a coffeeshop. She was very fair and was wearing a low-cut black dress that exposed her shoulders and the top of her breasts. It was lust at first sight. (I am easily aroused by sexy women with fair complexion, especially if they are wearing skimpy clothes that expose their flesh.)

Having settled on the price and services, we went to a hotel in Lorong 20. Unlike many others, she did not collect money first and she gave excellent service which is rare with China women. Moreover, she is skillful and she enhances your pleasure by saying things like she enjoys making the man excited and seeing semen seeping out of the orifice of the penis during foreplay. I had a very enjoyable time with her. It was an auspicious beginning of my sexual life in 2005.