December 24, 2009

Female Beauty

The Beauty of the Female Body

A beautiful woman with a curvaceous body and flawless skin is a marvellous creation of beauty and sexuality. You can admire the beauty of her body as well as be aroused by her naked flesh. ....

First a little about ...

The Geylang Scene

Gone are the days when you see hordes of prostitutes prowling the streets of Geylang. During my recent visits there were only a few here and there occasionally. At most times there were none.

As for the authorized brothels, business looks good. New ones have opened, one looks very grand and a few brothels are under renovation. There are a few with names like 天上人間 (Men's Heaven), 水上人家. A few of the brothels opens up to 2 - 3am.

Some of the China prostitutes I have called have returned home but there are also some who have worked for nearly one year already. New ones have come and will keep coming.

A Woman's Body

Remember what you learned about Symmetry in school? An object has symmetry if you draw a line down the middle of it and the two halves are symmetrical, that is they have the same shape. Symmetrical things are more beautiful. Look at the pictures below and imagine a line down the middle of the woman's body. Isn't the body symmetrical? Beautiful Women! Maybe you can use these pictures to teach your pupils about symmetry. Just joking lah.