December 13, 2013

Fantasy: Amorous maid

I don't have a maid. A neighbour employs a Filipino maid. She is slim, looks sexy and I think she is around 30. I find her sexually attractive. Whenever I walk past her employer's house, I would look out for her. I guess she knows I am interested in her. When I stroke my cock and think of her, my cock gets hard.

My fantasy about her.

One day I saw her outside the house and chatted up with her. Then I asked if she could come over to my house on the pretext that I would like her to show me how to cook some Filipino food. She said she could come over the next day.

On the day, I got ready some meat and vegetable and some Filipino recipes. She came and I showed her the recipes. I brought her a drink and some fruits. I started inquiring about her life in Singapore. We soon warmed up to each other. Her English was good. Her name sounds something like Hor.

While she was peeling a banana, I said: Doctors often use bananas to show people how to put on a condom correctly. You know how to put on a condom?

She was playing with the banana as if it was a penis.

Hor: Sure, I used to put in on for my boy-friend.

I: You know the sensitive parts of the cock?

Hor: Yes, the cock head and the skin at the underside of the head.

I: You often had sex with your BF? He is not here, right? So, how do you ....

Hor: We used to have sex about 3 times a week. BF not here never mind. Women also masturbate you know. I prefer using the vibrator. How about you? You don't live with your girlfriend? Then how do you ... It is a man's natural need ... to release sperm.

I: Sometimes I masturbate or I go to fuck prostitutes.

Hor: Where got prostitutes? They charge how much?

I: I go Geylang. Geylang got prostitutes from China and Thailand. I fuck the China prostitutes, usually the $150 ones.

Hor: Quite expensive.

I: Yes, quite expensive but you can take your time, 45 minutes to 1 hour. I like to play woman slowly, to enjoy every part of her body.

Hor: I also like my BF to stimulate my nipples slowly. My cunt lips also sensitive. I like them to be licked and nibbled gently. Then I got aroused.

My cock was hardening and there was a huge bulge in my pants, as if I have hidden a hard banana in my crotch.

Hor noticed my hardness and looked pleased.

I: You do part-time work for other household? No? OK, what about other service. You say men have natural need to release sperm. You have this service - helping men to release sperm?

Hor: Yes, I like to make men excited, see their cock grow hard and cum dripping out. It makes me excited too. 

Hor: But today I cannot fuck. I give you my number. Next time I make your cock very happy.

After she left I had a hard wet cock. 

I imagined her in sexy costumes seducing the men in her house. 

I decided to masturbate. I visualized myself playing with her body and how she makes my cock happy ... and then I fucked her.

And my semen shot out ...