April 28, 2011

Prostitutes in uniforms

Geylang scene

On Good Friday afternoon I went to Geylang to look see. There were a few streetwalkers at Lorong 14 and Talma Road. The most active scene was still the area opposite the coffee-shop at Lorong 20. There were also some prostitutes (Thais, Indians, Chinese) at Lorong 24 and the side lanes.

Opposite coffee-shop, Lorong 20

Beauties parade ...

Which one is better ?

$20 ??

This woman is not young, but she has fair sexy legs and she was wearing high heels.

Face looks attractive too ...

At Lorong 24 ...

At car-park of building opposite Hotel Compass in Lorong 22 ...

Prostitutes in uniforms

That day I called Cindy. She was in a air-hostess costume, black fishnet stocking and five-inch black high heels. Wow! My cock was rapidly responding. Inside the room she removed her uniform and put on a skimpy black fishnet top which she took out from her handbag.

You can visualize how sexy she looked. You can masturbate just watching her moaning and wriggling on the bed. My sperms were swirling in my testes and every cell on my hard cock was tingling with pleasure. Soon the cock head was wet with semen.

Would you be aroused by prostitutes in temptress wear like these ...

Schoolgirl uniform




Air hostesses?

April 16, 2011

Boots fetish

Prostitutes in boots ...

Women in sexy boots ...

Men who worship women in boots ...

Nude woman in boots ...

Sexy woman in boots ...


April 04, 2011

Got Cum

Some years ago there was a blog called Got Cum. It had pictures of women, mainly celebrities, covered with semen of their male fans. These men found the celebrities sexy but since they could not fuck them, they masturbated looking at the pictures and ejaculated on them. This blog is no more around.

There are a few such blogs. However, after a while readers might find them rather dull because of the monotonous nature of their posts. I think the bloggers themselves also get bored posting the same thing every post.

I came across a young woman blogger. She said she does not feel offended if a man ejaculates on her photo. Maybe she regards it as a compliment because it means the man finds her beautiful or sexually attractive. I seldom masturbate nowadays. Below are a few of my got-cum pictures.