November 29, 2006

November sex

Geylang prostitutes

Fucked Tian Tian, May, Fenny, Niki and Hoi Chiew (the last 4 are new).
May has very good skills in sucking cock, wet and sensuous type.
Fenny is very fair.
I thought Niki looks a bit like a Hong Kong tv actress (not famous one) but her body and her cock-sucking skills were not good.
Hoi Chiew is service-oriented.
Tian Tian is fair and has the best cock-sucking skills of the five.
But their faces are not sexually-attractive to me.

China prostitutes

Picked this prostitute from Talma Road around 1.30am, opposite Fragrance Hotel. I like her face. She is also friendly and accommodating but her body was not appetizing.

Picked this one from Lorong 10 in the afternoon. She is very fair, sexy and experienced.

These days there were more prostitutes soliciting at Talma Road and Lorong 14 in the afternoon. Saw this prostitute at junction of Lorong 10 and Talma Road in the afternoon. From behind she looked very attractive, especially her legs. Her face was not so attractive.

These prostitutes were along Lorong 14. Most of them brought their customers to No 29, formerly a ‘legal’ brothel. Room rate $10/hour. I went once and saw the brothel-keeper giving the woman $2 rebate when we left.

Faces that I find attractive

These prostitutes (only 18/19 years old) are from HK sex sites.