December 13, 2013

Fantasy: Amorous maid

I don't have a maid. A neighbour employs a Filipino maid. She is slim, looks sexy and I think she is around 30. I find her sexually attractive. Whenever I walk past her employer's house, I would look out for her. I guess she knows I am interested in her. When I stroke my cock and think of her, my cock gets hard.

My fantasy about her.

One day I saw her outside the house and chatted up with her. Then I asked if she could come over to my house on the pretext that I would like her to show me how to cook some Filipino food. She said she could come over the next day.

On the day, I got ready some meat and vegetable and some Filipino recipes. She came and I showed her the recipes. I brought her a drink and some fruits. I started inquiring about her life in Singapore. We soon warmed up to each other. Her English was good. Her name sounds something like Hor.

While she was peeling a banana, I said: Doctors often use bananas to show people how to put on a condom correctly. You know how to put on a condom?

She was playing with the banana as if it was a penis.

Hor: Sure, I used to put in on for my boy-friend.

I: You know the sensitive parts of the cock?

Hor: Yes, the cock head and the skin at the underside of the head.

I: You often had sex with your BF? He is not here, right? So, how do you ....

Hor: We used to have sex about 3 times a week. BF not here never mind. Women also masturbate you know. I prefer using the vibrator. How about you? You don't live with your girlfriend? Then how do you ... It is a man's natural need ... to release sperm.

I: Sometimes I masturbate or I go to fuck prostitutes.

Hor: Where got prostitutes? They charge how much?

I: I go Geylang. Geylang got prostitutes from China and Thailand. I fuck the China prostitutes, usually the $150 ones.

Hor: Quite expensive.

I: Yes, quite expensive but you can take your time, 45 minutes to 1 hour. I like to play woman slowly, to enjoy every part of her body.

Hor: I also like my BF to stimulate my nipples slowly. My cunt lips also sensitive. I like them to be licked and nibbled gently. Then I got aroused.

My cock was hardening and there was a huge bulge in my pants, as if I have hidden a hard banana in my crotch.

Hor noticed my hardness and looked pleased.

I: You do part-time work for other household? No? OK, what about other service. You say men have natural need to release sperm. You have this service - helping men to release sperm?

Hor: Yes, I like to make men excited, see their cock grow hard and cum dripping out. It makes me excited too. 

Hor: But today I cannot fuck. I give you my number. Next time I make your cock very happy.

After she left I had a hard wet cock. 

I imagined her in sexy costumes seducing the men in her house. 

I decided to masturbate. I visualized myself playing with her body and how she makes my cock happy ... and then I fucked her.

And my semen shot out ...

November 12, 2013

Handjob and Armpits


In recent months quite a number of China prostitutes at the Geylang brothels have gone back while new ones to replace them have been slow. Apparently not many prostitutes stay for two years. 

One of my regulars in a brothel has also gone back. 

There were a few new arrivals at the brothel. So I tried one of the new ones.I like her face.

In the bedroom she turned out to be quite experienced. She said she was from Shenzhen. I like experienced women who know how to play men. I like the way she aroused my body and cock. And her hanjob skills were good too, though not as good as the handjob queen. As she used her fingers to play with my cock - twirling, stroking, clawing, caressing – she would look at my face for my response. She looked delighted having made my cock so hard and made me so aroused. I almost wanted to cum in her hands. I told her I would enter her vagina first and before I cum I would let her masturbated me until I cum.

I like her armpits too. There were strands of hair, not many, just the right amount to make the armpits erotic. I was seduced by them and kissed and sniffed her armpits. I also kissed her nipples, breasts, arms and legs. Meanwhile her hand was still playing with my cock.

So I let her masturbate me ... She was muttering how hard my cock was and asked whether I enjoyed it. I got more and more aroused looking at this foxy woman's face. Arhhhhhhh...! Women!!! I ejaculated and ejaculated. 

I told her not to stop but to continue stroking my shaft. It was a comfortable itching feeling. Then I pulled her body down and started to kiss and play with her body again. My cock was semi-hard, wet with cum and itching. 

However, I had no intention of doing a second time. I prefer to let the itching sensation linger than to fuck her and cum again which would make my cock tired and strained.


I have come to appreciate woman's armpits more. Smooth hairless armpits are less erotic. Erotic armpits are those with creases and some hair. The armpit is one place where the smell of woman is strongest.

Smooth and hairless ... If there are some hair or dark creases, it would be more erotic.

With erotic hair ...

With dark creases ...

With stubble ...

Armpit fetish ...