June 14, 2008

The Penis

The flaccid penis is much shorter than the erect penis. The scrotums (the baggy skin that hold the testicles) hang loosely down in hot weather. In cold weather they contract. The prepuce is the fold of skin that joins the penis head to the shaft. The part of the prepuce beneath the head is very sensitive. Some men masturbate by caressing this part. In the flaccid state the prepuce normally covers the head. When the penis gets aroused it expands to expose the head.

For Asians, the medium length of the erect penis is about 15cm. Anything between 12cm and 18cm is good enough for fucking women. The shaft should not be too thin, otherwise it will feel too loose in the vagina and the head must be thicker then the shaft because it is the rim of the head that rubs against the vagina wall. No need to have a too long penis because then your whole penis cannot go in or too thick penis as it will cause discomfort or pain to the woman.

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