February 20, 2013

Stimulating the Cock

If you are a teenager, maybe your cock gets hard quite easily when a live naked woman is in front of you. However, if you have been watching too much hardcore porn and masturbating I think it will be harder for you to get an erection. 

Visiting this blog is OK because this blog is not hardcore porn. It is about female beauty and the female anatomy, appreciation of women and their bodies, and loving and enjoying women. If you like women a lot, this blog is for you.

If you are a veteran womanizer, probably your cock will also not rise to attention so readily. If you find the woman sexually attractive or some part of her feature sexually arousing, your cock will get excited more quickly. Otherwise, you need some seduction and stimulation.

I love the China prostitutes in the Geylang brothels. I enjoy their services and bodies and fucking them. I particularly like those seductive vixens. With them my cock gets hard easily. With other prostitutes my cock gets hard with some foreplay in the bathroom or on the bed.

In the room the prostitute helps you to undress. You can also undress her. Next comes the bath. If you really do not like to bathe, you can tell her. If you are not too smelly or dirty, it is OK with most prostitutes. In the bathroom she washes your body, especially your cock. She also tries various ways to stimulate your cock. Some will use their breasts to massage your body. In some brothels there are stools in the bathroom for you to sit while she plays with your cock and scrotum. Some will suck your cock too.

Porn actors are veteran fuckers, so their cocks need stimulation to get hard. The pictures below are from massage videos. They show the actors' cocks before and after stimulation.

Cock 1

Cock 2

Cock 3

Cock 4

This cock is not long, so the woman can put the whole of it in her mouth and then draws out slowly.

Cock 5

Cock 6

Cock 7

This is a long one. It doesn't look very hard, but can still enter the vagina.

Cock 8