October 27, 2006

October Sex 2

Geylang prostitutes

Fucked these new prostitutes: the newer Niko and Jess.

Niko and Jess were fair, slim with small breasts. And also similar in service too, as if they attended the same course on how to please men. They both also allowed me to kiss and fondle every part of their bodies.

Jess really spent time toying with my penis.
When she licked my scrotum her fingers would move lightly round my penis head. Then she would lick the rigid shaft from the root to the top and round the head. And when she sucked my penis, her finger tips would tickle my scrotum. I was moaning away and my semen kept flowing out……

China prostitute

1.30am - picked one outside Hotel 81, Talma Road. She is friendly and has a well-proportioned body. Skill-wise she was far behind the geylang prostitutes.

Took these pictures one Saturday afternoon:

Thai prostitutes:
Coffeeshop, Lorong 20:
Lorong 20:
Lorong 14:
Darlene Hotel, Lorong 8:
Talma Road:

October 13, 2006

October Sex 1

New prostitutes in Geylang

Fucked these new prostitutes: Christine and Man Ling

Christine has beautiful breasts – round soft and firm. But I do not find her attractive.

Man Ling was skinny, small breasts and buttocks. Face also so-so.

But I enjoyed fucking Man Ling more than Christine. In fact I did not enjoy Christine except playing with her breasts. Body chemistry?

China prostitutes

Nowadays there are very few prostitutes in the afternoon and at night the quality was not good; only one or two that I liked.

Fucked one from outside Hotel 81, Talma Road around 2 am.
Sasa – another temptress, nice body and sexy face, great fuck

Sexy Woman

One evening I saw a sexy young woman in mini shorts and flimsy T-shirt. I was attracted by the tempting flesh above her shorts which also revealed her hip bones and navel. Behind you could see the lower part of her buttocks and her slim sexy legs. Vow! I was thinking fucking a woman again.

October 01, 2006

Sex in Zhuhai 4

This massage centre is in a hotel. The first batch of women were brought into the room for me to choose. There was one fair woman that I liked.

The bathing area was separated by a glass panel and there was a bed for the woman to do body massage on you. After that the foreplay continued on the other bed. The woman used several ways to tease my penis. One of them was using a small vibrator to stimulate the rim of the head and the prepuce below the head. She also put a finger cot on my index finger and then inserted the finger into her vagina. Fucking was also in various positions.