January 29, 2013

Assholes and ladyboys

I find these assholes quite attractive although I have no particular interest in assholes. 

This is what an asshole is for. It is neither natural nor normal to fuck assholes. 

With regard to homosexuality, some people think some of us are born gay. Some think they acquire it later in life and some say it is a genetic defect that could be corrected. Whatever, my view is that homosexual lifestyle should not be encouraged. 

Fucking animals is abnormal.

Asshole fetishists sniffing assholes ..... 


I mentioned before that I do not fuck shemales or ladyboys. 

However, I did call ladyboys before. I just wanted to look at their cocks. The two that I called were attractive and looked like women. 

The first one had a big cock but it was not hard. Even after he stroked it, it became bigger and only semi-hard, like a swollen sausage. 

The second one was quite hard.

Ladyboys with big cocks ...

Ladyboys with small cocks ...

The long one ...

A cute ladyboy ...

Attractive ladyboys ...


January 08, 2013

Sexy butts

Women with hourglass shape

Hourglass shape is said to be the perfect shape for women. These women have a well-defined waist and usually voluptuous breasts and buttocks. They have an S-shape profile when viewed sideways. Men love these sexy women.

The S shape when looked sideways

Now, it doesn't mean only voluptuous butts are sexy. Tight firm asses are sexy too.

Sexy Butts

Last week I was walking along a jogging track. Suddenly a woman jogged past me. She was slim and was wearing a pair of tight slacks. I was attracted by her shape and sexy butt. I thought of jogging to overtake her to look at her face but I decided not to do that. I hoped she would make a u-turn further up and jog back. She did and she is quite attractive.

This woman below also has firm sexy butt. As she walked her butt was swinging left-right, left-right, left-right ..... It was very erotic. A lot of men were looking at her. I don't know which part of her body attracted the other men. For myself, I liked her butt, legs and high-heels and the bare flesh of her back.

Butts fetish

Some big butts

 Big butt with sexy asshole

Firm sexy butts

Small butts