January 08, 2013

Sexy butts

Women with hourglass shape

Hourglass shape is said to be the perfect shape for women. These women have a well-defined waist and usually voluptuous breasts and buttocks. They have an S-shape profile when viewed sideways. Men love these sexy women.

The S shape when looked sideways

Now, it doesn't mean only voluptuous butts are sexy. Tight firm asses are sexy too.

Sexy Butts

Last week I was walking along a jogging track. Suddenly a woman jogged past me. She was slim and was wearing a pair of tight slacks. I was attracted by her shape and sexy butt. I thought of jogging to overtake her to look at her face but I decided not to do that. I hoped she would make a u-turn further up and jog back. She did and she is quite attractive.

This woman below also has firm sexy butt. As she walked her butt was swinging left-right, left-right, left-right ..... It was very erotic. A lot of men were looking at her. I don't know which part of her body attracted the other men. For myself, I liked her butt, legs and high-heels and the bare flesh of her back.

Butts fetish

Some big butts

 Big butt with sexy asshole

Firm sexy butts

Small butts