July 26, 2008

Morning and afternoon at Geylang

I'm sure you ever woke up in the morning with a hard erection and you like to stroke your cock to enjoy that feeling. Your wife is not in the mood for sex. Or you have no wife yet. Masturbation looks like a waste.

Many years ago you can't find a prostitute so early in the morning. But in recent months it is quite easy to find one though the quality may not be high.

Last Sunday I went to take a look at 8am - there were Thai prostitutes at Lorong 16, 20, Westerhout Road. China prostitutes can be found at the usual places - Lorong 10, 14, 21, 20/Geylang Road, Talma Road, Darlene Hotel. (Not many, just a few here and there.)

This one was at Lorong 21. Sexy dressing but face not attractive.

One afternoon, another day

There were quite a number of prostitutes around Bright Star Hotel at Lorong 17. The woman on the left looks the most attractive.
Think I will call her another day.

Another picture of the woman

An area with quite a number of illegal Thai prostitutes - Westerhout Road/Lorong 16 junction.

They were sitting or standing along this stretch and inside the clump of trees. There is also a brothel behind these trees. The pimp will approach any man walking past. The yellow van was always parked there with the back lifted up when I passed that area. I think it is to block the view of passing police patrol cars.

On the opposite sides the prostitutes also stand or sit around. They use one of the ground floor flat in the building to do their business. By the way the building houses a few 'legal brothels' catering to customers of the 'legal Geylang prostitutes' who are from Malaysia.

A Thai prostitute walking to one of the 'legal Thai brothels' in Westerhout Road.

July 18, 2008

Women's Armpits

Women's armpit can be very erotic too whether with hair or without hair..

Also erotic is the flesh around the armpit especially the web of flesh joining the arm to the breast.

Many men don't like women have hair in their armpits. I got interested in women's armpit hair after one incident. On one working assignment, the team I was working with had an attractive woman. Of course I looked at her more often.

On one instance she raised her hand and I found that I could see under her sleeve.
I saw enticing black hair. The view lasted just a a second or two. I found it very erotic.

From then on I became interested in women's armpits whether got hair or no hair. The best are those with some fine hair.

a nice armpit

another nice one, imagine some fine black hair on it...more arousing

The dark creases make the pit more sexy

The smell of the armpit is a great stimulus to many men.

July 12, 2008


I bought this magazine all because of this woman, Azusa. She is voluptuous and I find her sexy, both face and body. I don't find any of the articles interesting.

July 04, 2008

Geylang updates

The situation is about the same although the prostitutes told me the police were very hardworking. If this is the first time you come here, you can check out my previous posts.

These China women were at Lorong 21.

These Malays/Indonesians were at Lorong 12/Talma Road.

Here are three of my good fucks:

This woman is beautiful, fair and has a well-proportioned body with firm nice breasts - like a Japanese AV actress.

This woman is attractive and gives good service.

This is the temptress-type, behaving like a pornstar in the room.
One afternoon I saw her approaching a Muslim wearing a songkok at Talma Road. Think he just came from the mosque at Lorong 12. She hold his arm and whispered close to his face. Wonder what language she used. Haha, he couldn't resist her charms and went with her to No.29 Lorong 14.

At night, once in a while you see some young men bring their girlfriends to the vice hub in Geylang. What for? Educational tour or to show they are very open-minded? Whether it is the men's or the girls' idea I think it is a bad idea. Some will feel awkward. Usually the men will talk some nonsense and pretend not interested; the girls will put on a fake grin or a false laugh or make some silly comments.