January 23, 2006

Old bird and new bird

Cheng Cheng

Cheng Cheng has been in Geylang for several years, was under another name few years back. She is very fair with slight makeup and has a youthful-looking face though she should be in the upper twenties. I like her long sexy legs. Minuses – she has small nipples and few pubic hairs.

I enjoyed her fellatio skills – wet and sensuous. She slurped my penis head and slid her tongue and lips up and down the shaft. Watching her working on my hard glistening penis was a great aphrodisiac. I felt my erect penis was longer and thicker than normal.

Fucking was great and my ejaculate was copious.

I feel that the number of years a prostitute has been working is not that significant if you like her looks, find her body attractive and she has good skills and treats you well. The drawback is that she might show weariness in her job and go about it in a mechanical way. Anyway, if you are not a frequent visitor to Geylang or any other area for that matter, you won’t know whether a prostitute is new or not.


Tammy, on the other hand, has been working in Geylang for several weeks only and a few years younger. But I feel that in terms of body and complexion Cheng Cheng is better, not to mention services and skills.

Her fellatio was basic - only moving her mouth up and down my penis. When I kissed her body she had a sort of pained look on her face. She said that her skin was sensitive.

January 09, 2006

Sex in Zhuhai 3

At level 3 of this Da Ming Yuan Hotel, Zhuhai, is a Suana. Once you stepped out of the lift, the receptionist dressed in a red cheongsam, will ask for your preference – ordinary room or special room. I opted for a special.

It seemed that the special room has an attached bathroom. The bathroom, separated from the bedroom with a partition, has a bed and pillow covered with water-proof material. The woman I had chosen bathed me and then told me to lie face-down on the bed. Then she applied lotion on her body and used her body to massage me. Next I turned over and she used her body to massage me again. By then my penis was fully erect and throbbing with anticipation.

After washing up, we continued frolicking on the bed in the bedroom. There she sucked my penis. Then I fucked her and ejaculated in her vagina.

The cost was less than one-third that of Darling 2 in Macau. However there were fewer women and they seemed to be of lower quality.