December 28, 2010


Do you like to see striptease shows? I have watched some very sexually-arousing shows - live shows! A sexy woman in skimpy clothing gyrating her body sensuously and then removing her clothes piece by piece. It would make your cock drenched in lust. Your cock would be dripping with cum when she teases you by slowly playing with her bras and panties before discarding them.

The men would be watching with their hands on their cocks. Some would unzip their pants and masturbate with a bag or file on their lap to hide their action.


Below is a clip of a woman doing a striptease on the bed.

In a flimsy top and black panties ...

She wriggles her voluptuous body and caresses it ...

She plays with her panties and uses it to rub her cunt ...

She removes her top and her panties ...

She rubs her moist cunt with her panties. Her panties is stained with her cunt juice. Any panties-fetish man would love to smell it. Want to buy her panties?

Finally a woman in her full glory! She is opening her cunt door for your cock ...

December 16, 2010

Erotic Hair

A sexy China prostitute (picture from sex141) ...

I called a China prostitute. She removed her clothes herself while I pulled down her panties for her. Her cunt is quite hairy.

Wow, you got a lot of hair, I said.

You like to play women with a lot of hair? She said.

I like cunt with hair, not bald ones, I said.

Then she raised an arm to show me her armpit. There is hair on her armpit.

If you like the hair here, you can play with it afterward, she teased me.

I only had my underwear on and I could feel my cock hardening. The head poked out from the side of the underwear.

Wow, so fast hard already, she said. Your tortoise head is very big.

I enjoyed her, playing with her body and her cunt hair and armpit hair. I don’t have a strong obsession for these hairs, nonetheless they enhanced the orgasmic pleasure. I tried to prolong the pleasure but soon the first spurt shot out followed by a stream of cum and then there were several more spurts. Women!

These pictures are from a R21 film. Two men were playing with prostitutes. Both prostitutes have hairy cunts and they have armpit hair too.

This prostitute is slim and small-sized.

Her erotic nipples and armpit hair!

This prostitute is voluptuous.

Mountain of a breast and the armpit hair sticking out ...

Her twin peaks!

December 04, 2010

Costly thrills

Occasionally you read in the news, men were convicted of taking upskirt photos/videos of women or of women in the toilet or bathroom. These men get aroused when they watch them at home. It is the thrills they get watching their own handiwork. They have to pay a hefty price for it.

This is a recent case.

" Welcome to take my photos. "

This man did more than taking upskirt photos. He is suffering from voyeurism. He was sentenced to 18 months' jail.

A panties man.

Aroused by a doctor ...

If this woman were a doctor, I guess she would get many regular male patients and many would masturbate thinking of her.

Lately there were news about men being charged for molesting women or having sex with under-aged women. And the offenders are professional people like doctors and teachers. Are the women so beautiful or sexy that the men must touch them?

Was the woman temptingly dressed like these two ...

Men readily succumb to woman’s beauty. Even smart men do stupid things when entranced by the beauty of a woman.

When a man is highly aroused by a woman, probably he will go to fuck a prostitute or he will masturbate.

Finally, No to child porn.