October 28, 2005

Sexy Whore from Qingdao

October 2005

2am. She was standing at the short stretch of Talma Road between Hotel 81 and Lorong 10.

She has an attractive face with a cheerful disposition and part of her curly brown hair tied at the back. Her shapely figure was clad in jeans and a sleeveless low-neck t-shirt that revealed the top of her ample breasts.

She said she was 25 years of age and came from Qingdao in China.

Her service was as good as many Geylang $150-prostitutes.

She stripped to show her red bras and panties and asked me if they were sexy. They were – a fair sexy woman in red sexy underwear! I caressed and kissed her back and legs and removed her panties. The crotch of her panties was a little sticky. It smelled like combination of starch and leaf. It was quite arousing.

She licked the inner side of my thighs, abdomen and nipples while her hand stroked my erect penis.

Fucking was also an A* experience.

After she had washed up we made small talk while I sat on the bed and she leisurely applied some make-up. Then I paid her – more than what was agreed upon though she did not ask.

I think her motto is "Customers happy, I happy”. Shouldn’t it be the motto of people in other services as well?

October 19, 2005

Geylang Tour

October 2005

Took a tour of Geylang on Sunday night 2am or rather Monday morning.

Massage joints at Aljunied Road, Geylang Road and Lorong 17 were still open.

There were very few China prostitutes at Lorong 14, 10, 8 and Talma Road; even the pimps who were usually at Lorong 10 were not there. However, there were many Indonesian prostitutes at Lorong 12 and Talma Road.

There were also not many men sightseeing.

It could be due to the heavy downpour in the afternoon and the rain in the evening and night.

Several older prostitutes were standing in the darkness in Lorong 16 and Thai transvestites were hanging around Hotel 81 and the car park nearby. The transvestites would retreat to the coffee shop at Geylang Road at the sight of an approaching police patrol car.

There were many Thai prostitutes at the junction of Lorong 18 and Westerhout Road.

Some China prostitutes were soliciting along the stretch of Geylang Road and the carpark between Lorongs 21 and 23.

Did not find any woman that attracts me.

October 10, 2005

Geylang :Chien Hong and Mun Mun

October 2005

Chien Hong

Chien Hong is slim and tall and has nice long legs. Her breasts are small. She is an old timer in Geylang. She said she was approaching 30. She was friendly but I felt she talked a bit too much. She has good fellatio skills. She held about 4cm of my penis in her mouth and used her lips to massage the shaft while her tongue caressed my penis head. I would have ejaculated in her mouth if she had worked on it long enough. Had a good session with her.

Mun Mun

Mun Mun is a new arrival in Geylang but has worked in the flesh trade in Malaysia. Mun Mun is thin and has small breasts with big dark brown nipples. The size of the breasts is not that important to me. Her face is okay. One of her fellatio skills is holding the penis head against her lips and vibrating the tip of her tongue across the fold of skin at the underside of the head. Also had a good session with her.