May 11, 2013

Illicit thoughts

Are you aroused by women who have sexy faces or who are sexily-dressed? Do you get sexually excited by certain parts of a woman's body? 

In the previous post I mentioned I was aroused by the woman who exposed her red bra straps. Well, not every woman who shows off her bra straps are arousing to me. The woman must be beautiful or sexually attractive. 

Some women expose parts of their bras which can also be arousing.

Recently there were two other occasions when my sexual desire was aroused. My cock was itching and I was thinking of the pleasures of these women.

(1) A slim long-haired fair-skinned woman was walking along the pavement. She was wearing black high heels. On her right ankle just above the high heel was a tattoo. Her face was attractive. I was attracted to her and I followed her for a distance just to look at her legs and heels.

(2) This involved the petite woman at the mini supermarket whom I already had a fantasy post about. That morning she was wearing a sleeveless black dress. She was raising her right arm to reach for something hanging from a pole above. I caught sight of her armpit and the fringes of her black bra. There was no hair on her armpit but I could see dark creases. The sight was sexually arousing. It gave rise to illicit thoughts. I visualized myself caressing her naked body and kissing her armpits and breasts.

In ancient China, sometimes very popular prostitutes in a brothel were allotted to the highest bidders. 

In the two pictures below which woman would your highest bid go to?  

These are women in a modern brothel. Who would you like to fuck?

The Viper Room

Here are some prostitutes I would love to fuck ...

Sexy faces ...

Sexy legs and heels ...