March 17, 2006

Nicole again

Nicole (Geylang)
petite, fair, sweet-faced, small breasts, nice body
My rating after the first time I fucked her: Face & Body : A*, Skills and Services: B+
She fellatio skills was much better this time. She really spent time on my cock and testicles. The sight of her face and her tongue licking the whole length of my shaft was most sensual. As if my cock was her favourite toy.

My revised rating:
Face & Body : A, Skills & Services: A*

Wei (China) – outside Darlene Hotel, Lorong 6

Nowadays, few China prostitutes stand around the hotels at Talma Road-Lorong 8 junction in the afternoon. That day there was this woman outside Darlene Hotel at about 1.30pm. She was in jeans and a sort of white bare-backed dress with strings tied at the back exposing a lot of flesh . She is tall and sexy and has a good figure. My penis got excited. She is one of my must-fuck type of women. Besides the heart and the head I think some men make decisions with the penis also.
Face and Body : A*, Skills and Services: B

March 02, 2006

Temptress 4

About 1 a.m.
Massage joint along Geylang Road between Lorong 13 and Lorong 15.

Five women were outside. Whenever a man walked past the women would ask if he wanted massage. If a man were to show a hint of interest or pause a second longer, a woman would move close to him to try to entice him.

I was interested in one woman in a black sexy dress. She has dark brown curly hair that fell halfway down her back. I find her face particularly attractive. So I walked past, looked at her to show interest in her. She got up from her seat, moved near me. She was so near that I could smell her breath when she drawled in a sexy voice. The smell of a woman’s breath can be very sexually stimulating. It was great temptation. I felt my penis expanding.

I wanted to take her to a hotel as I did not like the room and facilities in the massage joint. So I asked for her number and said I would call her later.

Booked a room in a nearby hotel and called her. She arrived soon. Her body was good and her service was excellent. I kissed every cm of her body and licked her cunt. My cock-head was dripping with semen as she played with my cock.

I entered her. I got more stimulated as I fucked her looking at her sexy face. Another temptress! As usual with such women, I found that even after the first ejaculation, my cock still got that itchy sensation. So I continued thrusting until the second ejaculation came.

She did not hurry to wash. We lay naked and talked and she showed me a fucking video in her phone. We only left when the front desk called.

I paid her the massage fee too although she did not ask for it.