August 31, 2005

Temptress 3

August 2005

I saw her one afternoon along Geylang Road, near Lorong 19. She is petite and fair. I find her face sexually attractive especially her nose which resembles Zoe Tay’s. I got her number.

I called her a few days later and arranged to meet at Hotel 81 in Lorong 8.

She has seductive smiles and a congenital ability to flirt. She would be good promoting beer sales or selling insurances to men. I think many men would find her womanly charms difficult to resist.

She said she had quitted her work at a massage joint because they got nothing from the massage fee of $28 if the customers did not opt for extra service. Most unfair I thought.

One letdown though – her body. Just passable. A breasts man would be disappointed. She is only twenty something. Fortunately for her as well as for me, the most important thing to me is the face.

She talked about sex while she played with my penis. My penis began to harden. She smiled her seductive smile and finger-clawed around the penis head. She was rewarded with a 16cm hot throbbing rod of flesh in her little hand. She seemed delighted with her handiwork as semen flowed out.

As I fucked her I kissed and touched her face – which most women don’t allow. A heavenly session!

August 23, 2005

Model Prostitute

August 2005

At about one in the afternoon there were 4 China prostitutes outside Darlene Hotel at Lorong 8, Geylang. My attention was caught by a tall fair woman in a short body-hugging dress revealing three-quarters of her thighs (like the woman in the picture). If you were near enough, you could see the outlines of her panties. She looked like a fashion model. Later she told me she was one before.

Went to Hotel 81 with her. She was in her early twenties, amiable and service-oriented – rare for a ‘model-type’. Her naked body was not perfect but good enough to make my penis tingle with excitement. She performed oral but no skills.

I kissed and fondled her body concentrating more on her legs. I loved to look her naked body and pretty face while I fucked her with deep strokes.
Ahhhhhh! – Ejaculation!

August 16, 2005

Massage at PPC

August 2005

Was at People’s Park Centre to try out the food at the newly-renovated food court. Then walked from basement to level 3. At level 3 there are several massage joints (Tui Na or similar). Saw some sexily-dressed women outside their joints towards the end of the row facing New Bridge Road. Was attracted by one who is fair and shapely. She has the type of face that I find attractive (like those in the picture).

A dim (light reflected from outside only) cubicle with a bed. There was no washroom in the joint, only a hand-wash basin. I think the women don’t go the public toilets in the center to clean up after each love-making session.

Massage - $20 per 30 min. She just rubbed my back for a few minutes, then asked if I wanted ‘make love’ or 'masturbation’. She quoted $150 ! and $60 !. Bargained down the price for sex. No oral. Halfway she said that if I exceeded the half hour, I have to pay again!

It was one of the most-hasty sessions I had. Felt rather cheated. She said I could book her out next time. I said no, I won’t come again and I would discourage my friends too.

August 06, 2005

Temptress 2

August 2005

A petite 20-something woman with bleached brown hair from Guangzhou. She was in a hot sexy red dress. If she had solicited along the streets, she would have attracted a lot of attention. It is her second or third time here. Her clients are her regulars and their introductions. She said she did not want to risk patrolling the streets. I brought her to one Hotel 81.

In the room, she performed a striptease dance with the seductive moves and gyrations of a professional. She said she learnt this. During the performance she took my hand and rubbed it on her breasts and crotch. By then I was fondling my erect penis.

She was a skillful temptress. She licked the underside of the prepuce, and twirled her tongue round my penis head. I moaned involuntarily.

While I was fucking her, she groaned and moaned with occasional ohs and ahs. A spectrum of expressions crossed her face as she tossed her head from side to side. Whether faked or genuine, I was aroused by her uninhibited sexuality.