May 28, 2011


Sexy heels

Heels fetish

Heels job 

Cock crush

There are men who treat women as slaves. These men get aroused seeing women being abused or tortured. Then there are men who worship women and treat them as queens. They get aroused when their queens abuse them. The high-heels is a symbol of her power. So these men get aroused when women in high heels kick them, step on their cocks or when they watch the women crush animals with these heels.

Heels job

Cruel heels

Another kind of heels-job - sexy women in high heels crushing animals ...

Manila, Philippines - The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is investigating Filipino maintainers of websites offering “crush videos,” or videos showing women crushing animals, an official said yesterday.

“We have identified the websites. We are trying to identify the people in the videos,” said Sixto Comia, who heads the NBI environmental and wildlife protection investigation division.

It was also discovered that the women in the videos, as well as the maintainer, of the website were Filipinos.

A source in the NBI-EWPID said that it was the first time that they have encountered such a case.

He revealed that the website temporarily shut down its operations when a complaint was initially filed by PETA with the NBI Ilocos region office after it was discovered that most of the women in the videos came from some provinces in Northern Luzon.

Some of the pictures below are from Chinese websites.

sadistic woman high-heels crush ... 

May 14, 2011

Unforgettable prostitute 4

Fucking styles

Some sex positions copied from Men's Health.

If you have been watching porn movies you would have come across many positions for sexual intercourse. Often the couple in the movie would fuck in various positions and styles.

The Missionary position and the Doggy-style are two basic positions. There are also many variations of these. According to ‘experts’, the missionary position is tame and a disadvantage to the woman because she does not get much stimulation from it. The doggy-style is more stimulating to women and also more arousing for men because it is primal - animals do it this way.

There are unusual positions which are more of a novelty nature. If your bones are stiff or your limbs not too flexible, it is better not to try them.

The missionary position is best for men who love to look at the woman’s face and watch her expression while fucking her. You can play with and kiss her breasts and legs. Or if you like woman’s armpits, you can ask her to raise her arms up.

Unforgettable prostitute 4

I came to favour the missionary style because of one Malaysian prostitute I fucked in the earlier years. She was fair, slim, and has a sexy face.

After the foreplay, when I was ready to fuck her, she raised her legs straight at 45 degrees and then spread them out to a V shape. Black erotic pubic hair contrasted with the creamy white skin of her vulva. At the center were moist cunt lips and glistening pink flesh peeped out from her vagina. It was very aphrodisiac, more powerful than viagra!

A thin column of semen was oozing out from my rock-hard cock.
I inserted my cock head into her cunt and push it slowly all the way in until cock hair touched cunt hair. Then I pulled it out and pushed it deep inside again. I did this several times to savour the feel of my throbbing cock in her warm wet vagina.

Meanwhile I admired her tempting body and watched her sexy face – eyes drooped to slits, half-parted lips, slightly-flaring nostrils – all this made the fucking experience more pleasurable. Women!

A few other styles ...