November 20, 2007

Recent good fucks

Geylang prostitutes

Benz is sexy, slim very fair – every part of her body is equally fair. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I called her. I love to see her naked body stretched out sensually on the bed with her arms raised. Vow! A live nude woman slithering her sexy body like a snake!!! My hard cock was throbbing with that itching sensation and semen was dripping out.

I enjoyed caressing her body with my hands and lips. Excellent fuck.

Cookie is also sexy and has a tempting body. She is great at teasing and tempting men. Even before undressing, she snuggled close to me, her face close to mine. Meanwhile her one hand was teasing my nipples and the other hand tickling my cock through the trousers. Another excellent fuck.

China prostitutes

All these three are good fuck.

First, they have faces that I find attractive. I find the third one has the most attractive face but she has the least attractive body.
Second, they let me take my time to play with their bodies. I enjoyed the body of the second one best. I played with her body from her back to her front and from her neck to her feet, including the groin area.

The only no-good thing is they cannot suck cock well.

November 08, 2007

Attractive women

These pictures are from HK's prostitutes/masseuses guides. I find these women sexually attractive, women who I would fuck. The last 3 are my first choice.