October 20, 2010

Sexy womanly actions

Below are some non-sexual actions which women make and which men would be delighted to watch. Some men might get arouse by them.

1. Crossing and Uncrossing legs.

You might even get a glimpse of panties.

2. Raising arms

Raising the hands to caress the hair is very womanly action.
Men who like woman's armpits like to see women raise their arms.

3. Adjusting the strap/hooks of a dress or bras.

4. Eating/licking ice-cream and bananas.

5. Removing/putting on high-heels.

6. Walking with a sexy gait.

7. Raising herself on her toes.

You can see the muscles on her legs tightening.

8. Squatting down action with legs slightly apart.

Like lowering herself onto the toilet bowl, you can also see muscles at work.

9. Pulling at the edge of a short skirt or pants.

10. Scratching crotch, buttocks, armpits ...