November 28, 2008


In the post unforgettable prostitute 3, I said the prostitute likes to suck cocks. The way she teased and played with my cock, I believe her. I think there are many women who like the cock.

The erect cock is a beautiful organ, especially those that are quite big and thick and with helmet-shaped head. I think many women like the feel of it in their mouth - a warm hard live cock. A six or seven inch cock (15 to 17cm) would be just nice. You can put the whole shaft in your mouth and then slowly draws out, feeling the whole length of it.

Here are 2 sets of pictures ahowing women sucking cocks. I like the ways they do it. I think they enjoy it too.

Set 1

Set 2

Here is blog with a lot of cock pictures. The blogger loves the circumcised cock:

I have mentioned this site before, by a cock-loving woman. But in case you missed it: