September 23, 2009

Women with tattoos
About my blog's url - at first I wanted to use or beautifulwomen because I like beautiful women a lot. But these were not available. That means there are already blogs with these urls.

Maybe you are not aware. There are blogs in with the following:
womanizer, prettywomen, sexywomen, ilovebeautifulwomen, prostitutes, cock, penis, cunt, breasts, nipples, ilovetofuck, womenbeauty, worhipwomen …. But don’t bother to check them out because they have not been updated for years, have few posts and are not interesting.

But if you like voluptuous women, more voluptuous and have more flesh than the woman in the picture below, you can check out this blog:

The following blog has pictures of beautiful women but it is in Malay and I find the layout quite messy.

Women with tattoos

Some prostitutes have tattoos on their bodies. One of their favourite places is  on the back just above the buttocks.

Tattoos at the right places can be sexy. Some places I like are the top of the breasts and on the arm. It should not be too big and unsightly.


Some photos of women with tattoos ... 

I would prefer the tattoo to be smaller

this one is ugly

also ugly


too many, one at the top near the arm will do

this one quite sexy