October 04, 2009

Pubic hair

A shaved cunt

Pubic hair gives the vulva its eroticism and mystique. I love cunts with hair and not bald or shaved cunts. Black cunt hair on a fair sexy woman is most erotic. I think most men like cunts to have some hair. Furthermore, when you kiss the cunt, you have the sensuous feeling of cunt hair brushing against your lips and face.

Beautiful women beautiful cunts .....


Hairy cunts are okay if the hair is neat and the women are beautiful. Unkempt excessive pubic hair spoils the beauty of the vulva.

Beautiful women hairy cunts .....


Unattractive hairy cunt with dark coarse lips

Unattractive cunts with excessive hair .....


A prostitute’s cunt is generally clean and free of foul odour because she washes it often. But a cunt with some cunt smell is more arousing – a warm starchy smell instead of the smell of soap. The smell of women.

This cunt is hairy but I find it attractive. It would be very stimulating to put your face there licking the cunt opening, smelling the cunt juice and being caressed by the cunt hair.