October 25, 2009

Beautiful prostitutes

First, a bit more about the Geylang China prostitutes.

I mentioned in the previous post that it is not easy for the Geylang registered prostitutes to meet their targets. But I heard that some have already met their targets (from their earnings and tips) and a few have stopped working. It seems quite a number of Singapore men have a weak spot for beautiful China women.

Remember I mentioned one Lulu with long beautiful sexy legs. I have called her twice but she has stopped working because, according to another prostitute, a customer gave her a large sum of money to return home.

Some prostitutes that I enjoyed recently - Moon (fleshy foxy type), Fei Fei 2 (beautiful face), Jiao Jiao (sexy type). Some older prostitutes that I still like - Lele, Sakura, Shirley 1, Shun Zi, Joanne, Vicky.

There were very few streetwalkers. Night, I saw a few (3 or less) at Lorong 28, Lorong 14, Lorong 17 (around Bright Star Hotel), Lorong 21, Geylang Road (between Lorong 21 and 23). Here are two streetwalkers opposite the Lorong 20 coffee-shop at about 4am in the morning:

Beautiful prostitutes, sexy bodies

Occasionally I look at the women at the prostitutes websites. Recently there were some young sexy women. If they were in Geylang they would be in the $200 category. However, the real woman may not match up to the photo. For example they might be older.

I think she looks a bit like Jolin Tsai.

Although you cannot see the faces, their bodies are very sexy. But the photos and the actual prostitute may not be the same person. Another prostitute may use the room when the one in the photo is on leave.