February 25, 2009

Redlight districts

Keong Siak
These were some brothels in Keong Siak in its splendid years ...

It looks like the vice trade here is dying. In the good old days every now and then you could see prostitutes walking from from one brothel to another along the three roads lined with brothels - Keong Siak, Jiak Chuan and Teck Lim. There were prostitutes of $30. $50, $70 and $100. Then there were men hanging around for hours looking at the prostitutes.

That afternoon, walking along the three roads I only saw four houses with red house numbers which indicates they are brothels.

A landmark coffeeshop in Keong Siak:

Houses with red numbers:

Desker Road
The vice scene here is very pale compared to its glorious past. In those years you could see throngs of people from late afternoon to late at night. There were stalls selling illegal drugs, sex toys and sex video tapes. You could also find young attractive prostitutes here.
That afternoon, there were only a few men and only a few brothels were open, with mostly old and fat women.

Petain Road
A bit better than Desker Road. Still most of the women were old and unattractive.

Some updates on Geylang

Now there are two categories of registered China prostitutes in authorized brothels - $80 and $150.

Below are the names of some China prostitutes I have fucked. All are fair-skinned and provide good service. The only thing is whether you like her face and skills.

Voluptuous, seductive type: Fei Fei, Xiao Wei, Juan Juan
Slim, sexy type: Liza, JJ, Lele

My example of slim sexy type:

and voluptuous seductive type: