November 03, 2015

Seducing her own son

Geylang scene - afternoon

Prostitutes along Geylang Road between Lorong 18 and Lorong 20 in the afternoon in recent weeks. I didn't see prostitutes at other Lorongs.

This is an authorized brothel with Vietnamese women. I have not tried any Vietnamese woman yet. They charge the same price as the Thais.

This one has Thai prostitutes. There are many such 'Thai brothels'.

There are also many brothels with prostitutes from China. 

Have you read the post about my fantasy with the Married woman. Unfortunately she is not a prostitute; I am willing to pay a high price to fuck her. I find her very sexually arousing. She married young and already has a son in secondary school. I guessed she is in her mid thirties.

Another fantasy about her ...
Seducing her own son

A couple of weeks after I fucked her in that fantasy I returned to her shop. I told her I wanted to buy some medicine for insect bites. She brought me a tube of anti-itch cream. Then I asked her if I could use it for my 'little brother' when it is itchy.

Of course not, she said. You just stroke your little brother until you feel a very intense itchiness and some sticky fluid comes out. Then you will be very comfortable, she said. I sensed that she was trying to arouse me. Maybe she wanted me to fuck her.

It is itchy now, I said, can you stroke it for me?

Why don't you go and find a prostitute? Fucking is better than stroking, right? Last time I let you fuck me. After that you never go fuck prostitutes?

No, I dare not go to brothels, I scare my friends or colleagues see me, I said.

OK, your cock is thick and strong. I like the feel of it in my vagina. I can let you fuck me again, she said. You come back at 2pm.

I went back at 2pm. She brought me up to her room.

Then she had a very unusual request: I want you to help me .... My son will be coming home soon. I have left the door slightly open so that he can look in. I want him to see us fucking. I want you to play with my body ....... I will teach you how to suck my nipples, lick my cunt and nibble my vagina lips and clitoris.

I was curious: Why do you want your son to to see ... You son still very young, right?

She explained while her hand was scratching my crotch through my trousers. My cock was hardening. No, she said, not very young, puberty already. I saw him masturbating several times. When he was young, sometimes I was naked in front of him and he loved to hug my nude body.

She continued: Nowadays when I wear flimsy clothes that expose a lot of my flesh, my son would look at my body with a mesmerised expression. I pretend not to know. I think he find me sexy and it arouses him sexually. He also like my panties, I ever saw him sniffing my panties which he took from the laundry basket. Are all men like that, having panties fetish when they were young? You like my panties too, right?

She continued while she was undressing me: As his mother, I cannot undress and let him see my naked body. So here is a chance for him to see my naked body. Knowing that my naked body would make him excited and his cock hard, I myself would be aroused.

She was getting excited: I would make my son more excited - I would moan and show him my facial expressions .... You know, I cannot let my son fuck me but I can fantasize about it. Maybe I can do handjob for him.

Now we were both naked.
She said: I know you find me sexually attractive. You and my son seem to like the same type of women.

Pre-cum was dripping from my hard cock.

Then we heard a voice from downstairs. Her son was coming up. She told me to start playing with her body.

I started with her breasts and nipples ...

Next I kissed her arms, armpits, abdomen, legs ... I held up her legs admiring its curves and muscles ...

Then I went on to her cunt, cunt hair, cunt lips and clitoris and she would utter : “lick slower, nibble harder, push your tongue deeper in .... “

All this while she knew that her son was watching just outside the door, probably holding his hard cock in his hand.

Then she said in a low voice: I think I do a handjob for you instead of you fucking me. My handjob skills very good, you will be in heaven. I want my son to see my handjob skills ... Hee, hee ... soon I bet he would beg me to masturbate for him.

So, she put some light slippery liquid on her fingers and started to play with my cock. She would twirl her fingers round my cock head, she would gently rub the foreskin under the head in circular motion, she would tickle the balls with her fingertips ... and all the skills she knew. Wonder where she learnt them from.

Not long the pleasure or itchiness at my cock head reach bursting point. My sperm shot out. I was lying on the bed. The first spurt shot upwards and landed on the bedsheet and there another four or five spurts acompanied by an abundance of cock juice that flowed out onto my cock and her hand.

I was especially excited as I imagined her son watching my super cumshots. I was delirious, WOMEN! WOMEN!

She was smiling and seemed pleased with her cock-teasing skills ... that she has made me so sexually excited .... Yes, women and the cunt - that is what men and their cocks crave for, she said, you like my handjob skills? I think my son will love me masturbate him. I would love to see his cum shoot out.

I think my son is masturbating in his room now, she said after we have cleaned up. I will tell you when I have masturbated my son.