July 06, 2015

Stiletto Seduction

About a week ago I fucked a prostitute in a Geylang brothel. It was the first time I called her, recommended by the lady boss of the brothel. While undressing in the room she asked me if I would like to have 'shuang fei' – having two women serving me at the same time. She suggested her sister as her partner and they would give me heavenly pleasures. 

I told her I don't prefer shuang fei. I said if, after fucking her, my cock is still itching and I want to fuck another woman, I would call her sister.

When I was teenager I had imagined myself with several nude women, and I played with their bodies. The women would stimulate my body and suck my cock. Then I would enter one vagina after another. Finally I would masturbate and shoot my cum onto the picture of a beautiful woman's face. WOMEN!

I had tried shuang fei in Zhuhai and Macau. However, I think I enjoy it more with just one woman. 

After my fucking session with the prostitute I sat down at the brothel to look at the other prostitutes. Then a prostitute came out of a room and sat down to wait for the car to take her back. She was short but very fair and she wore black stilettoes. She crossed her legs with one leg over the other and the heel dangling in her foot.

It was a very seductive sight. Although I have just fucked a woman, I was aroused again. Women! My cock was expanding and there was that pleasant itching sensation. I thought of going to another brothel to call her.

If you have a fetish for women with sexy legs in high heels, I think you would get excited by her. 

Men with a fetish for high heels see high heels as a symbol of power. They particularly like stilettoes because of the sharp thin heels which can be used as weapon.

These men are willing to be slaves of beautiful women in stilettoes. They get aroused sexually when these women torture and kill animals with their stilettoes.