February 06, 2016

Fetish Shots


Quite often men were caught for taking upskirt videos. I guess there are more men who managed to get away with it.

This Japanese man hid in a drain for 5 hours to take upskirt photos. 

The men know that they will be jailed. Why do they take the risk? Is the upskirt view of a woman so thrilling? Would the man be just as thrilled if he calls a prostitute, lie down and look up her skirt? 

I was thinking of doing that on my next visit to a brothel and ask her if I could take a photo.


Downblouse photos are harder to take. But it is not difficult to look down the dress of a woman when she bends down. You could see the bras but you rarely see the nipples. I only saw the nipples once because in that instance the woman had small breasts and her bras were loose. I think she was not aware that her nipples were showing. Her nipples were brownish and looked quite stiff.


If you are interested in the woman's armpits probably you would look out for women raising their arms so you could catch a glimpse of the pit. Or her arm is resting on some support. Better still if her dress has no sleeves.

However, it is unlikely you could take a shot of the woman's armpit in an unobtrusive way.

Side of breasts

Women in seductive clothing showing the side of their breasts.