November 06, 2011

Cunt hair titillation

I bet you are looking at the bulging crotch of the women, hoping to see some cunt hair.

When we were in secondary one, we would grin and giggle when the teacher mentioned the word hair. We were thinking of our cocks and pubic hair. Our cocks were still developing and we had great interest in our cocks. We liked to play with them too.

Once, some of us were at the beach. A boy and myself were in the muddy edge of the sea. Then the boy wanted to urinate and he just took out his cock from his pants and aimed it at the water. His cock was not erect and the head was covered by the foreskin. I couldn’t see the pubic hair. But the shaft was quite thick, thicker than mine. I wonder if his cock was longer than mine or not. My cock was more than 15 cm long. Some cocks are thick but they are not long when erect.

Cunt hair makes me think of striptease dancers and sexy pole dancers.

A sexy seductive pole dancer can make your cock stiff and wet. The picture above is from

Look at the muscles on her legs and arms. They are very sexy. It would be more sexy if a nipple or some cunt hair strays out from her skimpy outfit.

I also love to watch striptease shows. They are more sensuous and sexually stimulating. The stripper’s actions are slow, sensual and deliberate. Before removing her panties, she would tease the audience with her cunt hair.

I always get aroused. I think some men would cum in their pants. Some would go to a brothel after the show.

Cunt hair gives the cunt a sense of mystique and eroticism.

Glimpses of cunt hair in R18 movies are very titillating. I would be hoping the women would part their legs and show their cunts. I have had prostitutes who teased me with their cunt hair. One of them was in the post The Temptress.

Here some some prostitutes showing some cunt hair.

Hairy cunts ...

This one is for you if you have a fetish for woman's hair - cunt hair and armpit hair.