November 21, 2011

Sexual fantasy involving a pole dancer

My birthday was coming. I hired the sexy pole dancer Suzie to perform at my house on that day. I find her sexually attractive. She would set up a pole in my house and do one of her sexiest dance. But towards the end I requested her to do a slow striptease and that she be completely nude in the end.

I assured her that I would not touch her. However, I would watch the performance with another woman. We would be nude and I would have sexual intercourse with the woman.

Sue agreed and I promised to pay her twice the normal fees. In the end I paid her three times the fees. You will know why at the end of this post.

On the big day, pole dancing was the last item. By then all my guests have left except the sexy China prostitute Diao Chan whom I have booked for the whole day.

Sue was in a skimpy outfit and sexy high heels, revealing a lot of tantalizing creamy white flesh of her luscious body. My cock was already responding.

Sue performed her routine sexy dance. I loved to watch the erotic movements of the muscles on her body. These are sexy feminine muscles unlike those of muscular female body builders or weight lifters.

Meanwhile, Diao Chan was sitting naked on my lap. I was only in my underwear. She caressed my crotch and thighs while I explored her body and played with her nipples and pubic hair. Then Diao Chan removed my underwear. She used her mouth and tongue to stimulate my nipples while her fingers caressed my cock head using the cum that has oozed out.

Sue started her striptease. She was very good at it too. She gyrated her body and manipulated her skimpy outfit to show flashes of her cunt hair and nipples. She sat on the floor, lifted up her legs and spread them wide. She moved the flimsy end of her outfit to one side and for a few seconds you could see her tempting vagina entrance. It was moist with her cunt juice.

Reacting to Sue’s sexual titillation, my cock had become extra thick and long and the big red cock head was glistening with semen.

Diao Chan was now on the floor, signaling me to fuck her. She was slowly wriggling her body and moaning softly while keeping her eyes on my cock.

I put my cock into Diao Chan’s vagina. I love this feeling – a hard cock sliding in a warm wet vagina.

Sue was now completely naked except for her high heels. She had dense black pubic hair and thick sexy erect nipples. I could see that she was also sexually aroused.

While I was fucking Diao Chan, Sue walked over and asked me to suck her nipples. I was only too eager to do it. As I was sucking her nipples she fingered her vagina and rubbed her clitoris. Her eyes were in slits, her nostrils flared and her lips slightly open – she was having an orgasm!

My cock was thrusting in
Diao Chan’s cunt while I watched Sue’s erotic facial expression. Sexy woman!

Ahhhhhhh …I ejaculated. I felt like I have ejaculated a bucketful of semen. Sue also climaxed. Her cunt juice dripped onto my body. It was warm and had a starchy feel.

After a few minutes my cock has relaxed a bit but it was still hard and that itching pleasurable feeling was still there. I wanted to fuck a woman again. I asked Sue if I could fuck her.

She hesitated a while and said no, but said she would suck my cock if I wished and I could cum in her mouth. Yes! Please suck my cock, I said. The famous sexy pole dancer Sue sucking my cock! The thought itself was already aphrodisiac.

So, she licked and sucked my cock – slow, wet and sensual – and her fingers played with my balls. She was more skillful than
Diao Chan who was watching Sue's every action. My cock was in heaven again. The whole shaft was tingling with a pleasurable itch and the head was throbbing with lust. I was moaning away: Sue, you are sexy. I love you. I love sexy women.

The second ejaculation came and I cummed in her mouth. She continued with the after-cum suck until she had extracted every drop of semen from my cock.

It was the first time I cummed in a woman’s vagina and then in another woman’s mouth. What a memorable birthday indeed!