October 22, 2011

Boyhood fantasy 2

Rise and Fuck

Fantasy 2

In the post Early sexual experience, I mentioned that I already liked beautiful women when I was in primary 2 (about 8 years old). During adolescence my liking for women increased tremendously. I often fantasized about nude sexy women.

Another fantasy about the foxy woman I mentioned in Boyhood Fantasy 1.

I was invisible. I went into her room. The foxy woman was removing her sexy clothing piece by piece, revealing her creamy flesh. Soon she was naked. She lay on the bed, caressing her body.

I took up pieces of her lingerie one by one and sniffed it. The smell of her panties was very arousing. Maybe it was her cunt juice. Meanwhile I was stroking my hard cock. Then I stood beside her bed and took a close look at her nipples, her pubic hair and her cunt hole. Women! I have never seen a naked woman so close. What a sexy woman, I thought.

Then she put on a flimsy night-wear, lay on the bed and stretched her body. It looked very sexy. She pulled up her night-wear and played with her cunt hair. My hard was quivering with excitement.

I couldn't hold back anymore. I stroked my cock until the sperm shot and landed on her abdomen and cunt hair. Women!

I also have fantasies about sexy actresses and models and sometimes I cum on their pictures.