September 16, 2010

R21 film : Erotic Journey to the West

R21 films

The Censorship Review Committee suggested that R21 films be allowed in heartland cinemas. If this is accepted, then you may see sexy posters at the cinemas. But if they overdo it and put up posters like the ones shown below, then probably there will be a public outcry and the films would be banned again.

I think the Government will not allow R21 films to be shown in cinemas in the heartland. Since these films are easily available on the Internet, on subscription TV and video-on-demand, then there is no need to allow them in HDB heartland.

Other trash is also easily available on the internet. Does it mean we should allow it in our cinemas too?

One reason mentioned by the Committee - the principle an adult making an informed choice. I think this is not a good reason. If it is then we could allow porn films too.

Erotic Journey to the West

Recently I watched this silly poorly-produced film about the Monk Xuan Zang and his 3 disciples entangling with The White Bone Demon. The main purpose of the producers is the sex scenes. This is not a hardcore sex film. It is a category III or R21 movie.

There are two sexy female demons. My cock got hard watching them and after some stroking, my cock head was wet with semen.
However, I did not masturbate to ejaculation. I was thinking of fucking a prostitute.

These are the Monk's disciples - the Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy...

The Monk ...

Here is one sexy demon ...

Another sexy demon ...

The Monk's disciples enjoying the foxy demons ...

These women remind me of other demons - the Spider Spirits in the Silken Web Cave, another story in the Journey to the West.

Here is a video of a foxy demon seducing the lecherous Pigsy who is only too eager to enjoy the earthly pleasures.