March 30, 2010

They love women

Geylang update

The Geylang illegal vice scene is very quiet. That afternoon I only saw a few prostitutes opposite the coffee-shop at Lorong 20. Occasionally you might see a few near the hotels in Lorong 17 and Lorong 19.

Nighttime - That night there were a few prostitutes at Lorong 14, Lorong 12, Lorong 10/Talma Road and Lorong 21. There were also a few gambling stalls at Lorong 12 and the backlane but not many people. Probably some of those gambling were their own people - pretending to win to lure others.

These 2 streetwalkers were along Geylang Road, opposite Lorong 18.

These men love women

A young woman read some of my posts and she commented in her blog:

" ... uhhh very interesting blog i ever read.

You cant believe there are people who loves woman so much till the extend he keep the memory on blog since 2004!

However, very interesting, he dont only talk about women! he somehow... telling people more info about PENIS, a penis not just a penis. ..... "

Other bloggers who love women

This man who expresses his love of women:

" ... I love her lips, her neck, her thighs, her sparse pimples, and the wetness between her legs as it brushed my thighs.

I love the smell, the taste of her sweat, the aroma of her vagina. I love the taste of her saliva.

I love the hair between her thighs.

I loved, love and will love women till I am no more.

Throughout my life, I have been accused by people who viewed my desires as dangerous, peeking at their tiny keyhole, abhoring me for loving women too much. ….. "

This man worships women:

" Beautiful Women. That is life for men. Every moment of our lives are filled with beautiful women. I believe that this is why men are still here ed exist as we do today. Not because without women we would not be able to procreate, but for the shear fact the men adore beautiful women. …..

This may seem odd to a woman, that a man can be drawn to physical appearance such as this. …..

I have mentioned about this man in another post how he stared at the woman.

This woman attracted a lot of attention, notice the man ogling at her.

Some attractive women whom men will love to look at ...

Slim and sexily-dressed ...

Fair and attractive ...

She is quite thin and small-breasted but I find her attractive. Some women are not beautiful but sexuality oozes from their bodies and men are attracted to them like bees to nectar.

Attractive woman in a flimsy pyjamas showing her bra straps ...

This woman is sexy. See the erotic dimples on her lower back ...