August 02, 2009

Facial expression and response

First some Geylang vice report

If you go down at night and don't see any prostitutes, it means the police have been going round catching chickens for supper. So you can go and take a snack or a nap and come back one hour later.

In the previous post I mentioned a sexy prostitute at
Lorong 10. I went to find her one night. She was still in the same white dress. Her face is sexy. She has a shapely body and nice big breasts with big areolae.

This woman was also standing at Lorong 10.

This prostitute was in a provocative outfit. That night I saw her again. She was leaving a hotel. I had a closer look at her. She is not beautiful or attractive. But her naked flesh is very tempting and stirs up man's lust. I think the men who called her were aroused by her flesh, so they wanted to touch it and to remove her pants to see the rest of her flesh.

This prostitute has beautiful legs. Her sexy long legs, erotic hip bones and flat abdomen is a great visual stimulant. I had immense pleasure hugging, caressing and kissing them. But if you are a breast man you will be disappointed because she has very small breasts.

One Malaysian prostitute who has such attractive legs is Chloe. She is also tall. I think I have mentioned her before. Last week I also saw another tall prostitute with beautiful legs. Her name is Lulu, a registered China prostitute from an authorized brothel. But I don't find her face very attractive.

Erotic expression and reponse

This is the expression of a sexy young woman while she is being fucked. I find it erotic. There is a short clip below. In the other picture she looks as if she is in pain. But I don't think it was painful for her as she must have been doing porn movies many times already. It was just for show.

This is one of my favourite expression. I like to see the woman tilt her head back and I find the nostrils can be very erotic too.

Some China prostitutes try to make noises noises to arouse you but many cannot do it well. A lot of them just make mechanical ah ah ah ... I have told several of them "it is better you keep quiet". Those who open their eyes and stare at the ceiling are most unerotic.

Some prostitutes are quite expressionless while some others make loud noises and scream 'fuck me'. But I don't find it erotic or arousing. I prefer those who moan softly, occasionally opening their mouth or flaring their nostrils. Although fake, if it is well-done it does enhance your fucking pleasure.

Below are some other pictures. Notice that most of the women close their eyes.