July 22, 2009

Sexual Satisfaction

These are just my own view and experience.

Some men think if you don't fuck or masturbate for a long time, your cock will be harder and you have more sperm and you enjoy more. There is no significant increase in hardness or the amount of ejaculate or in your enjoyment. Normally 2 to 3 days' rest for your cock is enough.

I read some bloggers who said they masturbate very often and one said he sometimes masturbate 7 or 8 times a day. That is very rare but I think his pleasure and sperm diminishes with each masturbation and there are times when there is no sperm. And I guess his cock became sore too.

It is not healthy to fuck or masturbate everyday or several times a day - you get tired, your cock get strained, less sperm produced. It is better to do it on a regular basis, like one to three times a week, a fortnight or a month.

Regarding sperm volume, about two teaspoon-full is normal. Shooting your sperm far is not important, unless you are making a porn film.

Longer time better? Not necessary. Once your cock entered the vagina and if you keep on thrusting you would cum in 3 to 10 minutes unless you don't enjoy it. It is the satisfaction and pleasure that matters, not how long you fuck. If you get a sexy woman with the right skills and attitude, your cock will be in heaven.

Here is an article telling you how to exercise for harder erections:
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Geylang in the recent weekIn the afternoon it is still very quiet, very few prostitutes. At night more prostitutes are coming out. Maybe the police are easing off a bit. But I think the police will have some anti-vice and anti-crime clean-up operations to round up the bad elements and to warn trouble-makers before National Day.

There were several prostitutes at Lorong 28, at the carpark at Geylang Road/Lorong 21, at Lorong 19 (behind the Bright Star Hotel at Lorong 17). And as usual at the vice zone at Talma Road/Lorong 14/Lorong 12/Lorong 10/Darlene Hotel.

Indonesian prostitutes at Lorong 12/Talma Road

China prostitutes at carpark at Geylang Road/Lorong 21.

This woman was at Lorong 10. She was in a white tight dress that showed off her shapely body and she looks sexy too. I would have called her if I I had come looking for woman to fuck. I had no intention as I just had a registered China prostitute a day ago. Maybe next week.

A sexy Geylang prostitute.