September 04, 2017

Why men love prostitutes (2)

The power of beautiful women

When there is a beautiful policewoman, her pictures will go viral and every man wants to be arrested by her. Criminals will surrender to her and put on handcuffs themselves .....

Of course this is a bit of exaggeration. Nevertheless, beautiful women do attract a lot of men, be it a sexy fishball-noodle seller or a beautiful nurse. These beautiful women capture the men's heart and agitate the sperms in their testicles.

Attractive maids:

Attractive clothes seller:

Sexy fishmonger:

Sexy prostitute:

Why men love prostitutes

The main reason men love prostitutes is that men love women. How else would they get to enjoy a woman's body if not for prostitutes. Unlike some other objects of love or desire, women cannot be bought and kept at home. 

Furthermore, prostitutes help you act out your fantasies, which you may not want to tell your wife or girlfriend.

With prostitutes, you can abandon your inhibitions. Outward, you may be a god-fearing man or a respected public figure. Inside the brothel's room you shed your high moral mask and drool lecherously at the naked flesh of the prostitute. The wanton behaviour of the prostitute excites you and your cock hardens in anticipation of the pleasures of her flesh. 

You stroke your cock while watching her seducing you with her naked body in high heels. You sniff her panties and shit-hole, lick her cunt or armpits, kiss the sole of her feet or suck her toes. You tell the prostitute you like the way she sucks your cock. When you fuck her, you can shout 'fuck! fuck! fuck!' like some pornstars do. These are things you probably won't do with your wife or girlfriend.

If you are lucky you may find a prostitute who looks like your favourite actress. Several years ago I came across a Zoe-lookalike. She was a streetwalker from China. There was also a Malaysian prostitute who looks like Felicia Chin. I think I have mentioned her in one of my posts. Fancy fucking them for $150! 

Recently there is a new arrival from China who looks a bit like the former HK Cat 3 actress Shu Qi. She is also a good temptress. 

Would you like prostitutes who look like these two... 

Temptation of a woman's legs

A lot of men love women's legs whether they are long and shapely or muscular. Here is a man getting aroused by the legs of a young woman ...

Sexy legs ...


Take precaution, use the condom: