January 27, 2017

Legs and Heels Fetish

The Year of the Cock

In the lunar calendar this is the Year of the Rooster. The rooster is also called cockerel or cock.

Wishing all women connoisseurs visiting this site .....

May your cock be hard and strong and produce abundance of semen.

Legs and Heels Fetish

There are many fetish sites on legs and highheels, or legs in and other legwear like fishnet and panty-hose. So a lot of men are interested in women wearing high-heels.

These two types of legs are most arousing - long shapely legs and sexy legs with calf muscles.

Sexy legs in stilettoes .....

Women in super high heels .....

Fishnet and high heels .....

Cruel women sexy heels

I have a post on Crush Fetish. It is really a fetish of seeing women in high heels doing cruel things like crushing animals. Women in high heels represent the power of women and their weapon is the high heels. So men with this fetish worship the power of these women to torture or kill.

The women must be beautiful or sexy; otherwise the men won't get aroused. An ugly woman doing it would be repulsive to these men. More about this fetish in another post.

My interest in legs and heels

Since I started this blog I have always been interested in woman's legs. Later I found myself getting more and more attracted to their legs, especially women in high heels. When I see attractive women in high heels I would look at their legs as long as I could. I think almost all the China prostitutes in the Geylang brothels wear high heels. I would look out for those with stilettoes – high sharp heels.

Sexy legs, see the muscle at her calf ....

This woman is quite attractive. She was at a bus-stop in Geylang. Wonder if she was a prostitute; I would like to fuck her. I was attracted by her face as well as her legs. It would be more arousing if her heels were higher and sharper. You could also see the calf muscle in her legs. They looked like strong legs – legs for crushing. The man at the bus-stop was also interested in her. He was openly ogling at her. I also kept looking at her but not so daring as the man.

I could feel my cock enlarging and getting harder. Soon the whole sexual organ (the head, the shaft and the scrotum) was tingling with that pleasant itching feeling; as if the sperms were swimming excitedly about. I could feel the cock head wet with precum. If at home I would have taken out my cock and fondle it.

This feeling lasted for about 10 minutes. So sometimes you can enjoy women without any physical contact. At home I also have this feeling when thinking about women or watching porn. Then I might go to a brothel to fuck a prostitute or ask her do a handjob.


Fucking and blowjob with high heels .....