August 09, 2014

The Power of Beautiful Women 2

Attractive woman ...

Unable to resist ...

Temptation ...

Unable to resist ...

If you are a regular visitor here, you would know that I love beautiful women a lot. I have mentioned about buying magazines because I like the women on the cover and about following women to try to look at their faces or to admire their butts and legs.

I think my liking of women has to do with the environment I was in during my younger years and later my association with womanizer friends.

During early adolescence there were some men in the neighbourhood who gathered around every weekend to chit-chat. Sometimes my father was there too. They often talked about women. I would play with other kids nearby and listen to what they said. They talked about what parts of woman they liked and fabulous prostitutes they had tried and how the women sucked their cocks.

Some talked about womanizing in Thailand. Must go and enjoy Thai women and Thai body massage, they told those who were drooling.

Women already had a great influence on me at that early age. I liked beautiful women. I sometimes thought of the older women in the neighbourhood and I had fantasies about one particularly sexy woman.

I watched some movies because the actresses were beautiful or because there were erotic scenes. I have even masturbated in the cinema while watching such movies. Usually I pulled my cock out and try to ejaculate on the floor.

When I was older I often visited the Geylang vice zone to look at the prostitutes. I also visited the backlanes in Jalan Besar red-light area.

Women, especially sexy women, began to have a powerful effect on me. Some men have a passion about cars, music, fitness or any other hobby. Mine is women. 

But I didn't fuck any prostitute yet.

When I starting working, I had a colleague who is a woman connoisseur but I think he was more talk than action. He talked about man's desire for the deepest penetration which to him is the greatest pleasure for men. Then there was another colleague who went to Geylang regularly. It was he who recommended me a brothel in Lorong 28. It was he who took me to a brothel where I had my first prostitute.