November 06, 2012


The evil nine-tailed vixen in Chinese legend. 

What is a vixen? It is a female fox. It is also a term used for certain beautiful women. In Chinese it is hu li jing, 狐狸精. 

Beauty alone does not make a woman a vixen. For example, you cannot call Miss Singapore a vixen. There are other qualities. For example, a vixen flirts skillfully with gestures and words and men find her sexually attractive. 

So a vixen is a sensuous or sexy woman who is good at seducing men. Wives and girlfriends consider them bad women and do not like them. However, vixen prostitutes are favourites with men. 

I have fucked foxy prostitutes before. These wanton women make you more excited with their actions, dirty talks and behaviour. Your cock becomes harder and longer and more semen is produced. 

The sexy prostitute I mentioned in the previous post was not available. The brothel keeper called the prostitutes to come out for me to see. I was attracted by a prostitute with the slutty look. She turned out to be a vixen on bed. While caressing my body or playing with my cock she whispered in my ears about my hard cock and her cunt getting wet .......    

What I found most arousing was her facial expressions. Her misty eyes, sensuous nostrils and her fleshy lips made every cell of my cock quiver with lust.