July 18, 2012

objects of fetishism

Three personal items of women that many men have fetishes for are The Bra, The Panties and The High-heels.

I have a post about sweaty-body eroticism. I was aroused by the sweaty body of a prostitute. If the prostitute is sweating because of the hot weather, her bra and panties would have a stronger odour which might arouse you. You can help to remove the bras and panties and then you can enjoy sniffing them. The body odour of a woman is a great sexual stimulant. It could make your cock harder.

Here is a sexy prostitutes in bra, panties and heels.

A woman in sexy bra and panties


The Bra is associated with the breasts, the most prominent anatomy of a woman.

Seductive breasts ...


The Panties covers the vagina, the heavenly pleasure hole for man.
Here are some sexy panties. I'm sure you are looking for cunt hair too.

Tempting cunts ...


The high heels is a symbol of woman's power. Men with a fetish for high heels like the feel of the power of women over them. They worship beautiful cruel women and in their fantasy; they would do whatever the woman orders them to. They would feel sexual pleasure when the woman torture them or animals with their high heels.

Sexy legs in sexy heels ...