May 07, 2012

Fantasy : Married woman and virgin me

I was having a conversation with a woman at a mini supermarket.

I said, The hole looks smaller. Maybe that thing cannot go in.

She said, Only a bit smaller. That thing is hard, right? Slowly push it in can already.

No, we were not talking about sex. I was buying rolls of toilet paper. I was referring to the cylindrical cardboard tube at the center of the roll. The diameter looked smaller. That thing was the toilet roll holder.

This woman is short and small-sized, probably not attractive to many men. She is married. But I like her. I especially like her perky nose and saucy lips. I guess when a man likes a woman, every part of her body becomes sexually attractive. Sometimes I buy things from her just to talk to her and look at her. That day she was wearing a blouse that exposed her black bra straps. It was sexy.

My fantasy about her …..

We continued talking about the toilet roll.

I said, Maybe I put KY on that thing it will be easier to go into the hole.

She said flirtatiously, You like to go into holes?

I said, Yes, I like the hole but I never enter one before.

She said, Don’t bluff. You so big still virgin. How come you know how to use KY?

I said, I use KY to play, ‘shoot aeroplane’.

She said, Shoot aeroplane too much no good. You no go Geylang call chicken?

I said, No, I never go before.

She said, OK since you virgin I can let you try my hole. You want?

I hesitated but I could feel my cock hardening. She saw the bulge in my trousers and said, Your thing agree already, come, follow me.

She brought me upstairs to a room. It looked like her bedroom. There were make-ups on a dressing table and a few bras and panties on a chair.

She asked me to wait for a while and she went out.

I picked up her panties to look and to see if there were stains. Then I sniffed them. If seemed they have been washed.

She came in and saw me sniffing her panties and said, You like my panties. Later I give you this one I am wearing. Got my smell.

OK, take off your clothes, She said and she started to remove her dress, then her black bra and black panties. She has an ample bosom with dark brown nipples. Her pubic hair was quite thick.

I have removed my clothes except my underwear.

She pushed me down onto the bed and lightly caressed my body with her finger tips. Then she pulled my underwear down and caressed my hard cock while her lips and tongue played with my nipples.

She said, You cock big and hard, I like.

I was very aroused. My cock head was wet with cum and quivering with lust. I said, I want shoot sperm already.

She said, Don’t shoot yet. OK, you lie down, I go on top.

She held my cock with one hand and lowered her cunt towards my cock. She used my cum-covered cock head to rub her cunt opening.

She said, Your cock head so wet, no need KY’ as she slowly lowered her cunt into my cock. Then she moved up and down on my cock.

Oh God! I gave a long moaning sigh of pleasure. My cock sliding in the warm wet vagina of a live woman! The feeling was heavenly.

How? She said, Better than shooting aeroplane, right?

Ahhhhh! Within seconds I shot my load.

Wah! So much, She said as she withdrew her cunt from my cock. Some cum dripped from her cunt onto my body.

My cock was still itching, so I stroked it with my hand.

Your cock still very hard. You want to fuck one more time? She asked me. Yes? OK, Wait a minute.

Seconds later she lay down and said, You on top this time. I show you the hole.

She spread her legs wide. Then she parted her vagina lips to show me her cunt hole which still had my cum. Ok, can go in now.

I thrust my cock deep into her cunt. This time I lasted a bit longer. Soon I climaxed again. It was as great as the first time. My cock was still hard and I continued thrusting for quite some time enjoying the pleasurable feeling.

Then I dropped down onto her body with my cock still in her cunt. I put my arms round her neck, hugged her and kissed her cheeks.

She said with a foxy smile, Now no more virgin. After you tasted woman sure you will go to play prostitutes.

You still want my panties? She asked.