March 22, 2012

Sexy women

In the previous post I mentioned famous men falling into disgrace because of women.

How about the effect of attractive women on ordinary men? Does women in provocative dressing arouse man's sexual lust?

Last week I was roaming the Lorongs in Geylang in the afternoon to see if there were many streetwalkers. There were some but none was attractive.

Then at Lorong 14 I saw a car picking up a China prostitute from one of the authorized brothels. I found her attractive, the type of face that I like. She was in a white dress that exposed quite a lot of flesh. She has brownish curly hair and she wears big round earrings and high heels. I thought she looks like a Japanese AV star. So I followed the car but lost it at a road junction.

Perhaps I should have gone into the brothel and asked who she was.

I decided to go to my regular brothel. I called the handjob queen. It was the second time I called her. I let her try her skills and techniques with my cock. Finally I ejaculated. It was a very intense orgasm, exciting and heavenly.

Jakarta to draft rules to ban female MPs wearing provocative attire.

Apparently the authorities in Indonesia think that women in skimpy attire cause crimes and make men immoral.

“A lot of rape cases and other immoral acts recently are caused by women wearing skimpy clothing. You know what men are like – they lose control and will make them do things.”

"This is to prevent male members from losing control."

If we bring these members to a Geylang brothel where all the women are dressed provocatively maybe they will become lecherous animals.

I believe men do get aroused by sexy women but they don’t lose control. I think those who cannot control themselves have mental problems .

Aroused does not only mean your cock getting hard and you want to fuck a woman or you go and molest a woman. Your cock may become thicker and longer and the whole cock (the shaft and the testicles) has a comfortable sexually-pleasant feeling. Your cock head may be wet because semen has oozed out. If you are at home, you would take your cock out and stroke and caress it to enjoy the feeling. If you are outside, probably you would ogle at the woman, enjoy the sight and fantasize about her.

Some men may decide to go to a brothel to enjoy a prostitute later.

Men are affected by woman’s beauty or sexuality.

Do you masturbate? If you do, this shows woman has an effect on you.

If you answer yes to the following questions, you simply love women.

Do you buy a magazine just because you like the attractive woman on the cover?

When you see the sexy back view of a woman do you try to look at her face even if it means going out of your way?

Do you fantasize about sexy women?

Do you play with cock often? (You don’t need to masturbate or cum, just fondling and stroking your cock makes you feel good.)

Sexy provocative streetwalkers ...