September 22, 2011

Boyhood fantasy 1

A few of my favourite prostitutes in the Geylang authorized brothels have returned to China after their two-year period and another will be returning soon. New ones have come and I have a few new favourites. I came across them by chance. I have said before that it is not possible for you to know all the prostitutes in Geylang.

There are 4 China prostitutes with the names of the 4 beauties of ancient China. I have enjoyed 3 of them – Diao Chan, Gui Fei and Xi Shi. I prefer Diao Chan and Xi Shi. I will skip Zhao Jun.

Boyhood fantasy 1

Still in my adolescence, there was a sexy woman in the neighbourhood. Probably she was in the mid-thirties. She exuded sexuality that would make men sin. Wives would not want their husbands to look at these women.

She looked like she worked in the night as she woke up very late. I guessed she worked in a bar, club or lounge. She was the foxy type.

But I love to look at her sultry face and her bulging crotch when she wore tight pants. When I looked at her I could feel my cock responding and have a nice itching feeling. At times I would masturbate thinking of her and I imagined her watching me masturbate.

My fantasy about her

I left the door of the hall open. When I saw her coming from a distance, I stood facing the door and dropped my shorts. I started to stroke my cock. It soon grew hard and stuck out from my body – a hard fleshy rod with a beautiful pinkish head. She walked past, saw me admiring my cock and came in.

She said: You lecherous boy! Hah, must be thinking of women. You want me to masturbate for you? Ok, remove your shorts first.

She took my cock in her hand and led me to a chair. I sat on the chair. Then she lowered the top of her dress and removed her bras to reveal her creamy-white breasts with light brown erect nipples. My cock got harder.

Next she squatted down and held my warm throbbing cock in her hand and measured it using her fingers. She said: Wow! 17cm! Young lad cock so big already. Your cock head is beautiful. See how excited it is, sperm coming out already.

As she masturbated me, she said: Your cock is hard like steel. I’m sexy, right? How does it feel a sexy woman masturbate for you? 10 times more pleasure, right? You like sexy women, you like me?

I nodded my head to her every question.

She could feel my cock was going to spew the juice: Cumming? OK, shoot your sperm on my breasts.

As my cum shot out, she moved my cock from one breast to another. Soon my cum covered her breasts with some cum dangling from a nipple.