June 27, 2010

High heels Seduction

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High heels seduction

I wonder if women are aware that every part of their body can make a man sexually excited. When a beautiful woman walks into a place with a lot of men, they will stare at her face and then from her hair to her toes. Then some will concentrate on her legs, feet and high-heels. Some will focus on her breasts while a few may look at other parts of her anatomy like her arms, neck and nose.

There are men who love woman’s feet; some are aroused by the soles, some others by the toes.

Men who have foot fetish

Licking the sole

Sucking the toes

Masturbation with the feet until ejaculation

Sexy women in high-heels
Warning: If you are a high-heels man, the sexy legs in high-heels below could make your testicles overflow with semen and you might want to masturbate or stroke your cock. So, go and lock the door first.
A lot of men like to look at women wearing high-heel shoes. Some of them find it sexy, some find it sexually exciting and there are some with a fetish for high heels.
Look at this picture. Which woman looks more sexy? Who would you like to fuck? The one wearing high-heels, right?

Cumming on feet and high-heels

Wearing high-heels makes a woman look elegant, her legs more sexy and it titillates men and makes their cocks itch.

Some men ask the prostitutes to wear high-heels on the bed.
If you go to a Geylang brothel all the prostitutes who are working on that day would be wearing high heels.

Many of the pictures in this post are from sex sites. They are designed to seduce you to join the sites.

I have taken photos of woman’s legs. Some of them were wearing high heels. Perhaps I will show you some photos in another post.
Sexy legs in high-heels ...

Nude women in high-heels ...

Sexy legs and heels ...