February 10, 2010

Some fetishes

Fetish for the woman's breasts is quite common.

Here are some uncommon fetishes for parts of a woman's body .....

Though these fetishes are uncommon, they are not abnormal. As I said before, for every part of a woman, there are men who like it.

There are two types of fetishes - obsessive and mild. A man with an obsessive fetish can only get aroused if he sees his fetish object, otherwise he might not get an erection.

Say, his object is the asshole, his cock will get hard only when he sees the asshole of the woman. When he is fucking her, he will want to look at the asshole at the same time. If not his cock will get soft (Fetish for the asshole doesn't mean fucking the asshole

A mild fetish is ok. Even if the man cannot see the fetish object, he can still get an erection and enjoy the woman.

The navel

"A navel can also be considered an object of sexual appeal. Umbiliphilia, or navel fetishism, is the attraction to and arousal of navels. Whether through direct or indirect interaction, the fetishist may enjoy the smell and taste of a navel. It includes the act of fingering, licking and tickling.

The asshole

Small beautifully-shaped assholes are delight to watch. Those with big openings are ugly and those assholes big enough for you to put a bottle in are distasteful.

What one man said (in a forum): "I have a real big fetish for girls who have a real big round butt bent over where you can see their puckered asshole really stand out with a clear ring shape around the edge."

The neck

A woman's long beautful neck can be very sexy.

What one man said: "I am 32 year old man and have women neck fetish. While having sex with my girlfriend I usually tilted her head back and kiss and lick on her neck for hours to get sexually arouse."

Nose and nostrils

Noses are very subjective. Different men like different shapes.

What some men said:

"The Indian actress Asin has long and sexy nostrils. That is the only reason for her huge fan following which her fans are ashamed of admitting.

"Well, I've had a nose fetish ever since I was a little boy. I never could figure out why I like them so much, but I did. One of my favorites growing up was Gloria Campos' nose from Channel 8 here in Dallas."

"My school teacher was responsible for my nose fetish. She was my teacher when I was in the fifth grade but I noticed her long nose only when I was in the sixth grade. Her nose was long and slightly curved and the nostrils, well they were so large and oval shaped and elongated and sexy. They flared when the class made her angry and more so when she shouted at the students. I always wanted to dig her nostrils with my fingers and suck her nose but never got the chance.

shape of nostrils

a long sharp nose

a rounded fleshy nose

Here is nose belonging to a Chinese celebrity. Do you know she is? More pictures of her in the next post.