May 03, 2009

Prostitutes on the prowl .....

... at Lian Hua Road, Zhuhai. More details below.


At first I thought this Guo Tai was a new hotel. No, a travel agent said, it was just newly renovated and upgraded. The other hotel in the photo is Jin Ye,an old hotel. Like hotels in Macau, hotels in Zhuhai charge higher rates on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Sauna in Guo Tai Hotel

My own preferences are Guangdong Regency, Good World and Nanyang Seascape. I have stayed in Yindu, but it is very old. The other hotels which end with a du are also old. A hotel which is quite good is Jumbo but it is a bit out of town. I have stayed at the cheaper hotels but I don't like them.

Actually it depends on your habits and budget. If you have been staying at 5-star hotels all the time, you will feel uncomfortable in a 2 or 3-star one. If you are used to 2-star hotels, then you will find it ok.
Some hotels supply you with condoms and other aids but of course you have to pay if you use them.

Lian Hua Lu

We have our Geylang, Hong Kong has its 141 and Zhuhai has its Lian Hua Road. The prostitutes soliciting at LHL are young, charges 200 yuans for one session and 800 yuans for overnight.

In the morning you can't find them at this street of LHL where the roadside bars are but there are a few at the upper stretch near Good World Hotel. In the afternoon, there are only a few of them at LHL. From evening they start streaming out.

Most of them just carry their phones and slips of papers which have their names and contact numbers.

" I very good service. Remember to call me ... "

This one has just caught a man. I have also fucked her.