April 06, 2009

Sex in HK

These are adult magazines displayed at a roadside stall.

You can buy one of these guides for 141-prostitutes, massage joints and saunas.

141 prostitute

massage joint

phone sex

This woman is at a sauna in Macau.

Buildings with 141 prostitutes

The picture below is Foremost Building, one of the buildings in HK with prostitutes and guest houses. Foremost building has several guest houses. There are a few levels, each with with a guest house, prostitutes and private residents. This is something unique to Hong Hong.

For security reasons, the doors and gates of the private flats and guest houses are always closed. In this building there are two lifts, one serving the odd floors and the other the even floors. I think there is only one staircase. If there is a fire, I think it is not easy to escape.

It is convenient for males staying in the guest houses to look for prostitutes. I saw two black men coming out of a guest house going to the prostitutes' rooms but I don't think the women there serve blacks. I wonder how the private residents feel or have they ever complained.

The prostitutes

Normally the photos at the websites or in the magazines are attractives, but the real women usually don't match up. The real woman can be a bit older, fatter, darker, flabby or have loose breasts and scars.

This prostitute looks sexy, but the real face is not so attractive. Perhaps she is photogenic. Her body is also fatter and darker.

This woman also looks sexy in the photo but her real face is disappointing. I didn't call her.

Temple Street

At night there are prostitutes at this famous night-market. Usually they just stand at the pavement. I saw three groups, one group of older women, and two groups of younger ones. Not many, about 4 or 5 in each group. There were two with attractive faces. At one junction there are pimps who ask you if you want 'young pretty women at HK$200'. I didn't try.